Lockguard - Android Application

Wouldn’t you like to know what happens when you leave your phone unsupervised at home or in the office?!

Catch intruder in the act!

Instantly detect and log any unauthorized accessing of your phone!
Works for pass code, pattern or simple slide-to-unlock.

Intruder alert system – Event notification with GPS coordinates - Automatically capture pictures and video with the front-facing camera (Beta)

Application Features (Android 2.2 and 2.3):

  • Detect and log failed and/or successful phone unlock attempts (date, time, location – network based GPS coordinates)
  • Upon unlock attempt, application can automatically trigger any combination of the following actions:
    • send SMS notice and GPS coordinates to a phone number pre-set by user
    • send email notice and GPS coordinates to an email address pre-set by user
    • record environment sound of a defined length (*)
    • attach captured audio file to email notice
    • phone will sound an alarm pre-set by user (only for failed unlock attempt)

(*) On some devices the audio file will not play back on click. Please do long press on the file and select “open as… audio” or otherwise access a playback menu and select play as audio or play as video.

Captured audio files, pictures and movies are saved in sdcard/LockGuard.

FREE EXTRAS – catch intruder in the act! (BETA) – Android 2.3 only!

Upon failed and/or successful phone unlock attempts, automatically:

  • take one to five pictures of the intruder with the front facing camera (known issues: silent shutter option works device dependent)
  • capture video of the intruder with the front facing camera
  • attach captured pictures/video to email notice.


  1. The FREE extra features are in beta stage and may not all work appropriately on all devices! Still, they should all work on most recent devices.
  2. On Samsung Galaxy S2 ALL FREE extra features work except for camera silent shutter.
  3. We do our best to develop solutions for as many devices as possible, as soon as possible, and updates will be free of charge for all customers who purchased the application while such features were still in beta stage! We cannot guarantee that each and every specific device will receive an update!
  4. It may be illegal in your jurisdiction to record conversations, pictures or videos of people without their prior agreement!


  • After install, when first opening the application, user will be asked to activate the application as device administrator.
  • Before uninstalling, the application must be de-activated as device administrator by un-checking the appropriate option in the phone Menu / Settings / Location and security / Select device administrators.

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